19 april 2019

30 years of history about Peace and Fulfillment of humankind's potential

Dear alumni and current aiesecers, we are happy to invite you to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of AIESEC in Russia! 

30 years have passed since AIESEC was started in the USSR.

Now independent AIESEC bodies flourish in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine. 

AIESEC in Russia with the support of alumnus invites everyone to join our common holiday!

25th anniversary gathered over 300 alumni but we don’t think it’s the limit.


Unite the power!

19th of April 2019
6:30 PM

Korston Club Hotel

Kosygina str., 15, Moscow



18:30 Registration of delegates
19:00 Welcome drinks
20:00 Gala evening ceremony
22:00 Furshet, photoshoot
23:00 Party, networking


Ticket price:

On the venue — 3000 rubles

Current aiesecers (delagates of RusCo) are welcome without tickets.


Entrance to the Gala evening and party, free food & drinks for the evening and amazing time!


The fee is non-refundable.


Dress-code — after five.


Only one option is available today — payment by cash on the venue.

3000 rub per person

Sure you can!

Just came with your partner at the venue. 

All information about the Alumni Congress and discussion about the program are posted in the official group of the Association - AIESEC Alumni RUSSIAN, in this event www.facebook.com/events/693394954380711 of the group. Our team is only organizers of Gala Evening.

If you're going on a tourist visa to Russia, among other documents you will need an invitation letter that confirms that your purpose of stay is tourism.
ExploRussia company (where owners are alumni) is happy to provide invitation letters for you.

To make an invitation letter, ExploRussia team will ask you to send the first page of your travel passport, exact arrival and departure dates as in your flight tickets and name of the hotel that you've chosen for a stay. The invitation letter will cost for you 30 EUR, it's a special price that we're glad to offer.

If your embassy asks you for the original invitation, ExploRussia will send it to you with a courier for an additional fee.
You can send a request with all details and questions to welcome@explorussia.com with a topic "Invitation for AIESEC alumni".


Events are organized during the anniversary year:

19th of April

Gala Evening

For alumni (Russian and English speakers) and current aiesecers
Alumni of AIESEC in Russia
18-19 of April

Youth Speak forum

For current aiesecers and active youth
MC AIESEC in Russia
20-21 of April

Alumni Congress

For Russian-speaking AIESEC alumni
Alumni of AIESEC in Russia
20-23 of April


For current aiesecers. Alumni are invited on the individual events such as alumni talks and etc.
MC AIESEC in Russia, Host LC - LC Moscow
20 / 21 of April

Study Tour

A chance to learn more about Moscow and its surroundings. For anyone (English-speakers)
25-28 of April

European Congress

AIESEC Alumni Association (AAA) on European AIESEC Alumni Congress
AIESEC Alumni Association (AAA)
26th of April

Last Friday Party

The traditional gathering of AIESEC Alumni. We meet monthly to connect and relax together
AIESEC Alumni in Moscow
AIESEC Alumni Stories
Dmitriy Mikhailov
Alumni of AIESEC in Omsk
30-years of organization, which many of us have given way to life, helped to start a career and form a networking that supports us so far! This happens only once! You do not want to miss this, right?!
It's up to you! 😜

Masha Zlygosteva
Alumni of AIESEC in Moscow
I was always active and made a lot of mistakes. And exactly these mistakes helped me finding new ways for next actions. Me and my team were always talking about what else we can do to provide more experiences.

Alexander Kubaneishvili
Alumni of AIESEC in E&G
The power of the organization is that every Aiesecer is re-thinking it’s basics, creating his own way to achieve it’s mission and this inspiring people to lead the organization forward what makes it more tenacious than many huge corporations.
Maria Balioz
Alumni of AIESEC in NSTU
The most important thing that AIESEC helped me to realize is that there are many opportunities and after picking up you need to work hard. Very important to do that with joy otherwise what is it all for?:)
Dima Dmitriev
Alumni of AIESEC in Almaty
In AIESEC we are forming ourselves and the environment influencing on us and our thoughts. If you surround yourself with people confident in what they are doing, with global citizens making a positive impact into society then one way or another you are becoming a part of that society. AIESEC is giving the ability to think global which is one of the biggest competitive advantages of youth and most important now for Russia. Persistency and pursuit for goals is something that AIESEC definitely teach you after finishing 1-2 projects.
Ivan Titov
Alumni of AIESEC in SPUEF

AIESEC was inspiring me for 4,5 years to overcome myself, for achievements at work and in personal life, for travelling and meeting new cultures. AIESECs value for Russia is to develop youth, to create a generation capable change the world.

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Partners of Gala evening

If you want to become a partner of Gala Evening, contact Valeriya Nuzhina.
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